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for creators and consumer brands.

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We help consumer brands get noticed with events & activations in collaboration with influencers and creators.

Why events?

They give instant access
Influencers want access, sometimes more than they want to be paid.

By creating events, sometimes even just unique events, you can gain access to coverage at a considerable rate below what you'd pay for a sponsored post.
Earn media with noise
Events are a significantly easier way to create media and coverage because it's tangible.

The right brands have the opportunity to earn media coverage for the right events that make noise.
It's about bricks and mortar
In a post COVID world, what people yearn for, is the physical world.

In a flat economy, with significant pressures on commercial real estate, sales in Department Stores are up.

People are running more events.

These are clear signals that what people want is the physical world more than the digital.

Events we've run

Events we've run

What we offer

  • Influencer Events
  • Product Launches
  • Live Shows & Performances
  • Guerilla Brand Activations
  • ...across in-store, hired venue or in public.

How we operate

An Associate will lead your account with support from a Social Creative to maximise execution of your event strategy.

Directors will sit behind the scenes for quality control and reviewing top-line strategy.

The team

Jordan Michaelides
Director & Talent Manager
Lauren Michaelides
Creative Director
Jacqui Heggen
Talent Associate
Ainsley Coote
Creative Assistant

Our clients

Make noise.

Utilise the power of events with us.