Developing a new, younger content strategy has been the key focus for our Always On Social work with Frucor Suntory’s sports drink brand, Maximus.

Across a 6 month period, Neuralle grew the Maximus TikTok account from scratch and built a highly engaged and loyal community of followers in the process. Organically, we gained 8,400 followers, reached 1.6 million viewers, maintained a very high engagement rate of 10%+, received over 11,000 comments and 8,000 shares across the account during our management. The priority for TikTok was targeting a younger demographic, building rapport and ensuring the Maximus tone of voice remained distinct through on-trend content.

To promote the launch of Maximus Zero Sugar, Neuralle also ran a successful influencer campaign with a curated selection of creators. One creator’s TikTok video amassed an impressive 3.4 million views at a CPV of $0.003, which was the highlight for this campaign.

Neuralle also managed Maximus’ Meta accounts during this period and deployed several paid media campaigns on Instagram, achieving a thumb stop rate of 80% and 1 cent per engagement.

Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing


Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing