The power of TikTok on Ticker NEWS

The power of TikTok on Ticker NEWS

April 26, 2021
power of TikTok on Ticker NEWS

Are you ready for the TikTok takeover?

Recently I got the chance to appear on Ticker NEWS to discuss the viability of TikTok as a marketing tool.

I've been a long time staunch believer in the marketing potential of TikTok, which is why in recent months we have doubled down in welcoming many new creatives native to the platform to join the ever-growing Neuralle Talent roster.

The two biggest aspects which make me most excited about TikTok as an agency owner and an all-round marketing enthusiast, is the unparalleled organic reach and the magical, mythical, and mysterious algorithm.

Compared to the other prevalent social platforms like Instagram, TikTok does not throttle organic reach. Meaning that for creators on the platform, your followers will see all of your content without any restrictions imposed by TikTok.

As for the algorithm; it's good, scarily good. It will figure what you like and what will keep you on the platform with very little information or interaction from you. In terms of this being helpful or conducive in making TikTok a place to focus your marketing energies on, the algorithm works in such a way that users who are more likely to be receptive of your brand, will see your brand: It's efficient.

You may actually recognise Ticker if you're a regular listener of Uncommon.  We had CEO and Founder Ahron Young on the show recently, where we discussed what its like to bring a new news brand to market and the challenges that come with it. G'day Ahron if you're reading.

Make sure to check out the video below.

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