Dan Monheit on surviving COVID-19 in agency land

April 7, 2020

Dan Monheit is the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at creative agency Hardhat, Host of the Bad Decisions Podcast, and recent Scholar inductee to the Marketing Academy.

Dan’s a regular guest, with this being his fourth time on the show. We thought we’d get him on this time to get his thoughts and reflections on the recent COVID-19 situation and how it’s affecting Hardhat and ad-land as a whole. 

In this episode we covered:

  • Leveraging spare time
  • COVID-19 Impact’s on agency land
  • Principles to surviving the downturn
  • Quarantine routines

Listen to the episode: 

Watch the episode:


00:28 - Welcome to Uncommon
01:26 - Guest introduction
05:15 - Our generation’s WW2
09:16 - Noticing the uptick
12:33 - Work changes & social isolation
16:50 - Leveraging spare time
19:30 - The impact on Hardhat
26:25 - Principles to survive the downturn
32:36 - Changes to agency land
39:10 - Greeting people post-COVID
43:40 - Quarantine routine 
44:36 - Must have items
46:45 - Favourite shows


Host - Jordan Michaelides
Executive Producer - Lauren Lopatko
Assistant Producer - Andre Barber
Audio Engineering - Jason Barkhouse
Videography - Ricards Lacis